Shopping for a Foxtrap, Part IIListen now | What is more dangerous for democracy: Lethal propaganda and lies? Or diluting the First Amendment?
The Cancellation of Dorian AbbotListen now | What’s the future of academic freedom when campus climate overwhelms climate change?
A*#holes and B%tchesListen now | The persistence of gender in English, from honorifics to insults.
A Spanish publishing hoax has yielded many red faces among that nation's literati — and, for its perpetrators, black ink. It's a business model Bob wis…
Shopping for a FoxtrapListen now | Is Fox News Channel as advertised, or a continuing criminal enterprise?
Rethinking the Canon: What Makes a Classic?Listen now | On the enduring value of Plato, St. Augustine, and Gandhi.
BONUS: 23,000 Year Old Footprints Help Solve a Vexing Linguistic RiddleListen now (5 min) | Languages throughout the American subcontinents are finally starting to make sense.
A small Canadian city captures the zeitgeist of a continent, and it’s the dumbest zeitgeist ever.
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