Bully Pulpit

A wry and pointed take on politics, media and society from longtime public radio personality Bob Garfield. His astute cultural criticism, infused with wit and humor, has been called “absolutely necessary” and “very brave.” For extra content, including bonus segments and written columns, please consider becoming a paying subscriber to Booksmart Studios! http://www.booksmartstudios.org/subscribe

Shopping for a Foxtrap, Part IIListen now | What is more dangerous for democracy: Lethal propaganda and lies? Or diluting the First Amendment?
A Spanish publishing hoax has yielded many red faces among that nation's literati — and, for its perpetrators, black ink. It's a business model Bob wis…
Shopping for a FoxtrapListen now | Is Fox News Channel as advertised, or a continuing criminal enterprise?
A small Canadian city captures the zeitgeist of a continent, and it’s the dumbest zeitgeist ever.
Alec Baldwin is EverywhereListen now | Star of stage and screen is HERE, right now, sharing Bob's bully pulpit.
L.A. coffee queue dude, you’re only bringing shame upon toi-même.
The Tortilla ScandalListen now | When journalists put it all on the line for people who watch TV.
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