Bully Pulpit

A wry and pointed take on politics, media and society from longtime public radio personality Bob Garfield. His astute cultural criticism, infused with wit and humor, has been called “absolutely necessary” and “very brave.” For extra content, including bonus segments and written columns, please consider becoming a paying subscriber to Booksmart Studios! http://www.booksmartstudios.org/subscribe

Evidently, You *Can* Go Home AgainA Brave Journey — either happy or hapless — into the Podcast Past.
Never mind the Big Lie. Bob examines the dangerous ubiquity of the Big Guess.
Bob has had a rough 2021 and, like most Americans this week, takes stock.
The Gospel of ChristieListen now | Trump lackey Chris Christie is selling himself as a savior, and the media are buying.
The media icon has a lot of wishes she’d like you to fulfill. So does Bob.
Madison Avenue Thinks You’re StupidListen now | Are you hearing voices? Are you talking back? Do you have blood in your stool? Beware.
Bob finds himself a strange visitor to a strange land — that land being the outside world. It is a constant struggle.
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