Banished is about our reassessment of the many people and ideas that conflict with modern sensibilities. What can we learn about our present obsession with cancel culture by examining history, and what might it mean for freedom of expression? And how do we reconcile opposing points of view without turning on each other? For extra content, including bonus episodes and columns, please consider becoming a paying subscriber to Booksmart Studios!

Training is Performative, Education is Transformative
Tuberculosis, polio and other diseases manage to work their way into our play.
Fear and Scapegoating in the Time of PandemicsListen now | The surprising connection between pandemics and cancel culture.
Temptations of the West ReconsideredListen now | Banished host Amna Khalid reflects on leaving her homeland for the promise of intellectual freedom in the West. Has the West lived up to i…
The Cancellation of Dorian AbbotListen now | What’s the future of academic freedom when campus climate overwhelms climate change?
Rethinking the Canon: What Makes a Classic?Listen now | On the enduring value of Plato, St. Augustine, and Gandhi.
BONUS: How Anti-CRT Bills Could Affect Higher EducationListen now (14 min) | Amna Khalid interviews FIRE President Greg Lukianoff and Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen
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