White House Pact with Satan Revealed on Instagram

A meme/dog whistle emerges that at long last defines an important distinction among the MAGA faithful.

It is about time to end the lunacy. Lunacy, I tell you! All this careless lumping of MAGA acolytes into one mass of bigoted, delusional cranks. That kind of simplistic, reductive thinking is just wrong, and I will not hear of it!

No. No. No. The MAGA faithful can be lumped into different categories of bigoted, delusional crank.

Let’s begin with Satangate. Last week, a San Antonio, Texas, Marine veteran — who styles himself IAmRedPillRocky — posted a video on Instagram featuring press secretary Jen Psaki saying this: “What you heard the president convey yesterday is the next steps that he is taking using every lever of government to reduce sicknesses, to reduce hospitalizations, to protect more people, and save more lives.”

But what RedPillRocky heard, and helpfully close-captioned on his post, was this:

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