BONUS: Popping a 'Tude

Attitude was originally about one's physical position, but it wasn't long before it made the leap to mental.



You know, we should talk more for our bonus segment about this word attitude, because it really is kind of fascinating. Notice that attitude and aptitude don't only sound alike, but they seem kind of related. They are. All of the story starts with aptitude and really with apt. Apt is about grasping. That's what it originally means. And so you can understand that an aptitude has to do with what you're able to grasp. Attitude was a variation on aptitude, and what attitude originally meant was something very specific. It was about grasping, as in how you hold on, but it referred to physical position in a painting. What was the aptitude and therefore attitude of the figure in the painting? How were they holding? What was their position? What was their placement? It was very specific. Now, attitude generalized. It didn't get more specific. It generalized. If you're using attitude that way to refer to some Madonna, or something like…

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