Introducing Booksmart Transcripts

Printed podcasts are the future of audio!

Not everyone enjoys listening to podcasts — or is able to, for that matter. And so, for our paying subscribers who wish to read words instead of absorbing them through headphones, we’ll be providing verbatim transcripts of our episodes. You may not get to hear the biting wit of Bully Pulpit with Bob Garfield, or the heartfelt humanity of Banished with Amna Khalid, but you’ll feel it jumping off the page. And by page, we really mean screen, though you’re free to print out a hard copy.

Why are transcripts for paying subscribers only? Well, have you ever tried typing out a mostly extemporaneous 30-minute sermon by a genius like John McWhorter, who speaks as quickly and fluidly as he thinks? That’s A LOT of words, and while computers are getting better each year at doing the job for us, they’re far from flawless. So an actual human has to spend actual hours making sure that what John says is what you see. That’s real work, but we believe it’s worth it.

To show you what’s in store for paying subscribers, we’re making first-episode transcripts free for everyone! After that, it’s a subscriber-only perk.

So please consider becoming a paying subscriber to Booksmart Studios. You will receive not only transcripts, but also special episodes of our shows, Booksmart merch and much more over the coming year.

Thank you so much for listening, and for reading.