Podcasts with Bob Garfield, John McWhorter and Amna Khalid

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Let's start with the Five Ws:

WHO: A journalist, a linguist and a historian, for starters.

WHAT: A series of podcasts that, together over time, will help explain us to us. America has long been celebrated for its differences, but is now sadly defined by its divisions. Are they really unbridgeable? Maybe. We'll think about it. Out loud.

WHY: Because we believe that thoughtful analysis is the only way forward—that critical is not a curse word, that educated is not code for elitist and that intellectual does not mean insufferable. We are unapologetically booksmart. Erudition for everybody!

WHERE: Right here and, for many of our episodes, wherever podcasts are heard.

WHEN: This summer, and beyond.

Okay, yeah, there's a sixth W:

HOW: With an ear for language, an eye to the past and a whole lotta biting humor about where we are now, we'll talk candidly about our issues—political, social, cultural. Take your pick.

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