BULLY PULPIT: Not Safe for Work

A very bad day at SmileDirectClub is like too many bad days in too many workplaces.

I’ll bet Johnny Hardin and Carlton Watson’s pals had some good laughs at their expense.

Both guys are security guards at a place called SmileDirectClub in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville. It’s a manufacturer of transparent plastic teeth-aligners. In other words, it’s not the Pinnacle Bank on Third Avenue, the financial institution with $9.9 billion in deposits. It is not Genesis Diamonds on Hillsboro Pike or Industrial Chemical & Equipment Co. on Jocelyn Hollow Road or the Mall at Green Hills with Gucci, Tiffany and Luis Vuitton.

It’s a warehouse for orthodontic products, a pre-fab eyesore between Access Dental Lab and Jit-Ex Nashville, a Christian trucking company. Security-guarding there isn’t exactly Seal Team 6.

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