Lock 'em Up!

As Covid tears through the South, the Twitterverse and Bob are sick of hearing about “personal responsibility.” They want the law to come down hard on those responsible. Red-state governors, beware.

Twitter. Ugh. So careless, so unrigorous, so ideologically insufferable.

For example, just look at all the tweets directed at the governors of Florida and Texas, who are using their executive powers to keep school districts from mandating mask wearing. You know, that thing some schools are imposing to protect the kids and teachers packed in their states’ classrooms in the midst of the Delta variant’s deadly Southern rampage.

One Twitter user’s handle is “Governor Abbott Murders Children.” Yikes. Rage much?

I mean, not that these sentiments are indefensible. On the contrary, they are altogether defensible, as these Republican pols, along with the governors of Tennessee and Arizona, refuse to allow the most basic public-health protections for their states’ schoolchildren.

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